Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A quiet day.

Today was interesting. Yesterday was really busy, and today was planned to be much quieter. And, really, it was. There were just a couple of surprises I hadn't planned on.

This was the most notable of those:

Yep. Turquoise crayon.

The entire length of my bed.

Boy, did I do some hard thinking when I saw that. First, I carefully and surprisingly calmly explained to the baby (22 months old and talking up a storm) that we don't draw on mommy's bed. She was very quiet, and said "Oh". She's a sharp one . . . I'm guessing it's because she's always tagging along with her older siblings, and really stretches to interact with them. But anyway . . . back to thinking hard. This is literally what went through my mind:

Crayons are made of wax.

Wax is like grease.

I wonder if this will work . . .

And it did. The nylon mesh really helped work the crayon out of the cream cotton. It's a good thing it's high quality cotton tightly woven of durable yarn. It pilled a tiny bit, but it's not noticeable now that it's dry.

With significant elbow grease, this:

and this:

turned into this before fading completely:

You can see in the middle how it's pretty much gone. Thankfully, that's how all of it is now.

Believe me . . . I'm seriously contemplating a multi-hued, darker bedspread. Yesterday. The kids love to play on my bed while I knit at my desk in there, and it would be nice to not worry about them dirtying my coverlet.

And so, one surprise down, one to go. ;o)