Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MS3 Update - Still on Clue 1

But I'm making progress. I've made it past the first chart!

I know that my stole will probably be a bit skinny, but I just couldn't go up a needle size. The stitch definition was just too good on the 2's, and I love being able to see so much detail. The design really pops now. I can't wait to see what it's like blocked. To keep myself occupied when I'm wanting to knit lace, but can't give the MS charts the attention they need, I've started a feather & fan scarf in Alpaca Cloud. (I'm gonna get good with that slippery stuff, come wool blight or high water.) Four row repeats, only one of which is patterned. Knit, purl, pattern, knit. Repeat. Love it. Well, I love how simple the lace pattern is. I'm not so sure about how well I'll like the look of the scarf . . . I'm using US6 Takumi straights, and I'm hoping that the pattern shows up better once it's blocked. (I might also be purchasing some Bryson Distributing straights today in a smaller size. We'll see. ;o)

And, I just finished a Vine Lace Baby Hat for a friend's new one:

It should be dry by tomorrow (don't you love how loooooong it takes cotton to dry?), and I'll post it after that. I wonder if I'll get to see a photo of little Sarah in her hat. ;o)

And now, it's off to town for a day of errands. I'm so glad the kids get to visit with Grandma while I take care of it all.

Have a great day!