Monday, July 9, 2007

Woo-hoo! The mail is here! The mail is here!

Well, if I didn't get a couple of surprises in my mailbox today!

First up, was a CD I ordered from CD Baby on Friday. It's Andy Shelton's Market Street. Very, very cool. CD Baby is for independent musicians, and based in Portland. And they're a riot. You should place an order with them just so you can read their order confirmation email. No, I'm not kidding. Seriously. Go buy a cd. It's so totally worth it just for the laughs!

Second, my swatching yarn for the Mystery Stole 3 arrived from Sarah's Yarns! (I ordered them on Friday, as well. Don't you love prompt shipping and Priority mail?) OhMyGoodnessOhMyGoodnessOhMyGoodness! That means that my Zephyr ordered on Saturday should get here tomorrow! Hooray!

I can't say enough good things about Sarah. Her swatching program is stellar, and she sent me color cards for the yarn lines I requested. Woo-hoo! Don't you just love companies who actually want to sell you their products? Especially when they realize that the customer is the one bearing the risk of mail order transactions. I requested JaggerSpun Zephyr in laceweight and DK, and JaggerSpun's heathered wool 2/18. I'm definitely going with the Zephyr lace (love it love it love it), even though I haven't even been able to do more than pet the teeny tiny coils of yarn.

I'll post pics soon . . . right now I've got to go get some tidying up done, and then get my tail off to town to get some groceries for the crew this week. I just couldn't contain myself! :o)

Knit on . . .