Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Tins

So, for Christmas, my Mom received from her neighbors a trio of tins of uber-yummy cocoa mixes from Starbucks. Since she doesn't do refined sweeteners, either, she gave them to my brother David (the first Chromosome recipient). When I saw them in my mom's china cabinet, waiting to go home with Dave . . .

. . . I mentioned how cute they were, and she told me the story. Now, knowing my brother (who loves clothes, but couldn't care less about tchotchkes, I sauntered over and traded him a neck massage for the tins. ;o)

Could you blame me?

Meanwhile, Vern is freaking out moderately, as we're also trying to get rid of schtuff so when the day comes that our home sells and we move, we're not buried in the avalanche that would undoubtedly ensue. When we moved here, we had a 24' moving truck, a 4-horse trailer packed to the gills, a few friends' pickups, and Vern took a couple of trips with our own 8' x 12' trailer. The next time, it's all going to fit into a 24' truck, or we'll start writing "FREE!" on the sides of boxes and leaving them on the highway-side. (Don't worry . . . in North Idaho, they won't stay there long enough to be considered littering.)

But these little tins are different. (No, really! lol) They're small (3.5" square), my favorite color (ra-ra-red), and incredibly useful (did you notice those little label brackets?).

So, now that I've got them safely home (and have managed to ward off the munchkins, who also think they are very attractive), I'm at a complete loss as to what to do with them. I was sure I'd have plenty of ideas, but I'm fresh out. So, put on your thinking caps, and I'll go dig around in my stash for a skein of fun stuff or some fiber (since I'm giving up on spinning for the next decade or so) for the winning suggestion.

And now, I'm off to ready the munchkins and myself for a dinner out at a friend's home tonight!

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SusieH said...

Those are SO cute I want to run to the nearest Starbucks (Cambridge, I think, so not so much...) and see if they still have them.

When I saw the picture, I thought - stitch markers! What a great place to keep stitch markers, cable needles, row counters, needle point protectors.

Have you got any buttons stashed? If it's not too many, they look perfect for that.

Or for tubes of beads...

The possibilities, they are limitless. Very cute boxes. Lucky you!

camillaknits said...

Okay, I'm leaving you not one, but TWO fabulous ideas. The first is stashing teas in the tins. They sound just about the right size for loose teas, or bagged... however you brew, and you can easily see from the beautiful label you'll have attatched what you're grabbing for out of the cupboard. And since "button storage" was taken, I'm going with my fallback, the mini-sewing kit. Folding scissors, a few spools of thread, some buttons and pins, and you have emergency clothing repairs where ever you roam. Keep one in the car, one in with the luggage, and one on the shelf next to the washer, so you can fix things without roaming about the house and increasing the chance you'll get interrupted and forget. I do that a LOT. Hope all is well with you, and I'll try and get some good pics of the quilt blocks! Cami

Shan said...

Those are great. I haven't seen them in the Canadian Starbucks, but if I did I would take them home and either refill them, or use them for my personal chocolate stash (I have small children). I'm afraid I don't have any other brilliant ideas, since of course the knitting paraphernalia suggestion is taken.

WAIT A SECOND!!! Did you say 3.5" square? Stack your swatches in there, baby!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with tons of stuff. When we came here we stuffed a 26' truck to the GILLS and everyone that helped us move was saying "wow, you have so much stuff!" and yet I look at their houses and think "Oh yeah if you tried to move I bet you couldn't even fit it all in the truck!"

Now that we're facing another 26' moving truck in 2 weeks, we're trying to gauge how much we need to get rid of by estimating how much we've acquired since we moved here. This is tricky because we're a growing family and we need more things, not less things. Jared says the couch will have to stay behind to make room for the treadmill and the baby paraphernalia, so I guess we will be shopping around for a new (used) couch once we get to Kansas!

Good luck with your move, whenever it happens! Wish we weren't leaving quite so soon-- I was looking forward to driving up to visit you once you had relocated.

ccr in MA said...

I don't know if you keep notes when you're trying out a knitting idea, but if you do ... I'm thinking of a knitting box like a recipe box. Then, when someone says, "I'd love a scarf like that one" or "What size needles did you use?", you just open the tin, whip out the card, and all your notes are there!

I was thinking of knitting notions, first, but that idea was taken. Then, perhaps boxes for leftover bits of yarn? Everyone keeps them, right? Wool in one, cotton in another?