Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Principled Chef

So, I was thinking that it would be much easier for me to have my recipes all in one blog. So, here it is:

Principled Chef

It will take me a while to get the posts moved over, but meanwhile, I'll be posting recipes over there. (Don't'cha wish that Blogger had a "Move Post" option? I sure do.) I'll try to do better at taking pictures of the things I come up with, too. The Pioneer Woman has inspired me that way. Her recipe posts are so good that you feel like you're right there, listening to her as she chatters away, peeking into the mixing bowl, and seeing every single step. (83 photos for pot roast alone!) I wonder . . . does she talk to herself as she cooks? That would be an effective way to know when to take pictures. ;o) If I used my camera that much at the stove, though, I would definitely burn, spill, or mangle something (possibly the camera).

So, long story short(er), when you want some recipe inspiration, head over to the Principled Chef. Just don't get your hopes up for more than two photos for each of my recipes. (They're really not that complex!)