Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Side Trip

Out on the high plains of the frozen north, it was about 5F with a biting wind, and sun so bright it hurt to look at the snow. But I couldn't help it . . . it was so incredibly beautiful.

When it's this cold, the snow is driven and shaped like sand, in fantastic contours. It's surprising what can happen when the wind meets a little resistance.

And then there's the play of light and shadow. Maybe I'm a little weird, but I have this thing for a good line. I love black and white photography and graphite art for that reason--there's no color for the artists to lean on to support his or her work. It's all about composition and line; and it's amazing what those two elements can create on their own. (Do go check out the graphite art link--it's incredible stuff.)

The frozen steppe stretched nearly as far as I could see, infinitely varied.

With delicate shapes and lines drawn by the lowering sun . . .

Then, I simply couldn't stay out longer. My camera felt dangerously cold (notoriously bad for the battery), not to mention my fingers, nose, and other extremeties.

So, I began the long trek back . . .

. . . down my driveway.