Friday, January 25, 2008

Purling in a Long-Tail Cast-On

Did you know you can? I've known for a while, but I finally figured out today how to not twist the purl stitches. So, without further ado, here's the proof.

(Please do excuse my wintertime work-worn hands, etc.)

It's so interesting, seeing one's own hands, knitting away, on a screen. This was fun to do, as was my little video on adding beads to knitting. I think I'll have to do more of these . . .

That's what the internet needs, right? A few more knitting how-to videos? ;o)


Shan said...


You're doing one better than me - I haven't managed to get a video uploaded to the 'net yet.

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be using this cast on method!

JenniK said...

Amazing! Every other set of instructions I've found so far left me either with nothing on the needle or having to switch my yarns around. Yours, however, is clear and easy and I got it on the first try!

Thank you!

jeannie said...

thank you so much for creating the video!