Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a kick this has turned out to be.

Sometimes, things turn out a little differently than you supposed.

I figured I'd blog, and the blog slowly turned into something I really enjoy. It's fun to post, to rant, to rave, to share snapshots of my world and interests.

Then, there are the perks. ;o)

Like, when someone finds my blog by Googling for this string:

pictures of nilkantha somayaji the great indian mathematician

Or, this one:

do females exist on the internet

How cool is that? lol

Then there's seeing the recent visitor map . . . which is seriously fun. Check it out:

Senegal, Finland, Japan, India, Hawaii, the UK, and more. (There are two more pages of maps that cover other time periods which I won't upload here.) One of the most common entry pages is the bean dip recipe I posted a while back.

Who'd'a thunk it? ;o) Such fun!