Friday, January 18, 2008

I *have* been knitting. No, really, I have . . .

See? This is the Anderman's hat:

It's currently in stasis, ripped back to just before the decreases, waiting on my Knit Picks order to arrive. (I broke down an ordered some needles from them, despite my strong distaste for their shipping policies. My order took three days to ship, and will take a full week or more to get here. I'm trying very, very hard not to feel annoyed, since they've got a monopoly on KP needles.) I just hate knitting hats on 24" circulars. When I get to the decreases, I don't mind using a 30" needle with magic loop . . . but for the rest I just want things to flow.

Next up, Vern's socks.

Yep, that's right. They're finished! I never did rip that wonky one back to the heel to reknit. I had him try them on last night, and he said that they didn't feel different, and it wouldn't bother him. So, I wove in that lone end from kitchenering the last toe, and voila!, an FO.

But don't look now . . . here's another one . . .

This is another Sweet River scarf, done with one more horizontal repeat with smaller yarn & needles. I used a US4 this time, and some Skacel Divine that's positively to die for. It was on 50% off clearance at my favorite LYS, otherwise I never would have been able to make myself buy it (no matter how glorious it feels). I'm planning on blocking this tonight, and we'll see how it turns out. I'm not going to block all of the ripples out--I just want to even it up enough to not flare at the ends.

And in other news, I have been doing some beading. These are the last few things I've made to take to the aforementioned LYS to put on consignment.

First we have some little scissor fobs:

And a necklace.

I really like the necklace. It was fun making something pretty with beads I hadn't thought about using together. (Please excuse the funny exposure--it was late, and I was fresh out of sunlight.) I actually have built up a nice little stock at the LYS . . . I think I've got a few more than 15 sets of stitch markers and three bracelets there right now (along with the things pictured above).

Oh, and after a week of the boys sleeping in the living room (which has been interesting, to say the least), here is what their room looked like last night:

Yep! That's a bed in there! Last night they slept in their new two-tone blue room, and seemed to like it quite a bit. We still need to re-paint the doors and put up the chair rail molding (hence the rough transition between the colors), but those are things that can be done with the beds in there . . . and only one night of camping out for the boys. (Hooray!) Next up, the girls' room.

And now, I'm off to nap a couple of kids, and see what I can get done with the remains of my day.